How Sound Therapy Treats ADHD & ADD in Kids

ID-100108494Sound therapy is known to have different varieties. One of these is the Audio Integration Training (AIT). The AIT is responsible for the treatment for ADD and ADHD. Based on the Tomatis Method of hearing amelioration, it consists of 10 to 20 training sessions for more or less 20 days. Each training session runs for half an hour and is usually spent by listening to a program of specially filtered and modulated music with wide frequency range.

This is done to help retrain the disorganized auditory system of children. The method also normalizes the way the brain processes information. This lies on the premise that understanding springs from active listening. Since kids with ADD and ADHD find it impossible to achieve active listening, the sound therapy method focuses on helping them hear accurately and properly.

Using a headphone, a child listens to the specially modulated music. It is known that each of these programmed sounds differ from one child to another. The sound frequencies differ since they are filtered with the use of an electronic device which affects the intensity and the modulation of the sound.

Will it Really Work? 

Perhaps a brief discussion of the benefits and the methods of sound therapy may not convince the skeptics how sound waves would help a behavioral condition. It is easy for us to say that this won’t work. However, the signs and improvements on their kids that most parents attest aren’t easy to ignore.

Like any other therapy, sound therapy’s effects are not visible overnight. If you are a parent who are trying to employ it to your child, patience is indeed a virtue.

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Best Way To Lose Belly Fat For Men – Go For Weight Loss

ID-10079397Belly fat in men is dangerous and may result to death. For this reason, it is important that there are gotten rid of as fast as possible. Apart from giving men a shapeless and shabby look, they stand the risk of suffering from diseases like Diabetes, Stroke, Heart Diseases, Cancers and some other types of ailments that are life threatening. However, having said all that, it is important to find the best way to lose belly for men.

This article provides you with hints on the best way on how to do away with belly fat.

To begin with, you may want to know if there is really a best way to lose belly fat for men. This question could have arisen since a lot of body building experts and website are recommending one form of exercises, diets, training, or programs as the best to lose belly fat.

I want to let you know that in spite of what you have heard or learnt, there is really a best way to for men to lose belly fat. That way is carrying out activities that help you to LOSE WEIGHT.

Yes, weight loss is the key to achieving belly fat loss. You can practice exercises that help you to lose weight so that eventually the fat in your abdominal region will also disappear. Weight loss works wonders for men that want to get rid of those bulges in from of them or those love handles around their mid section.

Abdominal or belly fat is more of visceral fat than subcutaneous fat. This fat is very active and deposits substances inside the body that could lead to ailments. With an effective weight loss program, these fats are lost through metabolism.  In addition, this process is carried out as fast as you can think.

Finally, other ways of getting rid of belly fat in men like performing interval training, cardio, aerobic and abs training should all be targeted at reducing the overall weight of the body. These in combination with proper diet will help to serve as the best way to achieve belly lose for any man. So, go for weight loss today.

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